Remotely tilt your RV solar panels!
Remotely tilt your RV solar panels!

With hundreds of systems in use, here's what just some of our customers are saying...

The RVgeeks


When we decided to upgrade and expand our solar setup, there was no way we would have installed new panels without the ability to tilt them, but after 14 years of climbing onto our roof, we were eager to not do that anymore. SolaRVector has given us the best of both worlds... tilting, but no climbing... and much more.


Before installing SolaRVector, we usually just left our panels flat for short stays, mostly due to laziness! Now, not only can we quickly and effortlessly tilt them, we can instantly adjust their angles for our latitude, the time of year and the time of day. We simply raise them until their output peaks on our solar charge controller, and we're done!


In the past, we would never have considered tilting our solar panels in the summer, or at full hook-up sites, but we're at a full hook-up site now and believe it or not, we're saving money on electricity by tilting our panels. Here's how... We're facing south, which means our panels tilt to the West, but because it's so easy to tilt them, we raise them after the sun passes overhead, and follow the sun as it sets.


We're able to leave our battery charger OFF and charge only with solar power, which keeps our electric costs lower than ever. If it sounds crazy to raise and lower your panels so often, it's only because the typical mindset (including ours) has always been to tilt them only when boondocking for extended periods of time in the winter months. Now, we tilt them whenever it suits us, because it's so easy!


SolaRVector is a game changer, and we'll never think of tilting our solar panels as a big decision again. We do it anytime it's beneficial, which is a lot more often than we expected.

Eric and Shari


Shari and I are full time RVers, and we're professional software engineers and designers. Our power requirements are higher than most, but we also care deeply about the environment.


One of our goals was to rely on solar power as much as possible, and we learned that solar panels generate a lot more power when they're facing the sun. We've had eight SolaRVector systems for more than a year now, and I can't begin to tell you how nice it is to NOT have to climb on and off the roof every time I want to raise, or lower our solar panels. Not having to manually tilt them means I make a lot fewer risky trips up and down that ladder.


One of the neatest things about SolaRVector is that they automatically lock when you lower them. When it's time to travel, or when it gets really windy, you just push the down button and they lock in the down position, and that locking mechanism is strong. We never worry about wind gusts lifting, or damaging our panels. To unlock them, all you do is push the up button. It couldn't be any simpler.


Those guys at SolaRVector really know what they're doing. Thank you SolaRVector for giving us a quality product that works!

The RVgeeks in the Arizona desert

Mike & Karen's Tiffin Open Road 32SA

"SolaRVector is the best thing since sliced bread! They keep my old butt off the roof."

Jason Stahl's four SolaRVector II systems at work

Full-timers Eric and Shari's eight SolaRVector systems powering their 5th wheel and their livelihood

Chuck Andrews' four newly installed SolaRVector II systems

Scott and Cindy Rafuse's Newmar Mountain Aire, before and after installing their six SolaRVector II systems

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