SolaRVector II-X

SolaRVector II-X is the latest version of our venerable single-axis tilting device. It can accommodate a solar panel up to 27 inches wide amd weighing up to 35 lbs, which makes it suitable for nearly every RV solar panel made today. It will tilt to any angle between 0 and 60 degrees, and with its patented locking mechanism, it will automatically lock when stowed


SolaRVector II-XR

SolaRVector II-XR was designed specifically for full-size residential solar panels. It has a slightly larger footprint than SolaRVector II-X,and a heavier duty actuator. It will tilt a 50 pound residential solar panel to any angle between 0 and 50 degrees. Like SolaRVector II-X, it utilizes our patented locking system when stowed




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