Product Overview

SolaRVector is a single-axis, remote controlled solar panel tilting device, designed specifically for roof-mounted RV solar panels. RVers know that, depending on the time of year, they can get more than 70% more power from their solar panels by simply tilting them toward the sun. Until now, however, the only way to do that, was to climb onto their RV's roof and tilt them manually


Manual tilt kits have been around for years, and while they work, they all require someone to climb onto the RV's roof to adjust them. When the camping trip is over, or when high winds kick up, someone has to do it all over again


An RV forum poll revealed that more than 85% of RVers with manual tilt kits, didn't tilt them, because it was too time consuming, too much trouble and too hazardous


SolaRVector's patented design not only enables RVers to remotely tilt their solar panels for maximum power, it also enables them to lock them in the down position for travel -- with just the push of a button!

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