NOTE 1: A single remote control can control up to eight SolaRVector devices simultaneously, but when  installing multiple devices, it is important to follow the directions in the installation manual


Keep the wire run as short as possible, use an appropriate gauge wire and connect the system to a 12 volt source with an adequate amp rating. If the remote control does not get enough amperage, the Stop button on the key fobs may not function. Nothing will be damaged, because the actuators have their own internal limit switches, but you will not be able to stop your solar panels from going full up, or full down


NOTE 2: Some remote control receivers may be programmed to operate in the "Momentary" mode, meaning you must hold the buttons on the key fob down to operate SolaRVector. if your remote control operates like that, we recommend reprogramming it to operate in the "Push Once" mode. It extends battery life, eliminates potential stop-and-go problems caused by intermittent reception and does not require the buttons on the key fob to be held down. This helps ensure that, when it's time to travel, your solar panels will go to the down and locked position when you push and release the Down button. The RM800 programming instructions are in the package that shipped with the remote, or they can be downloaded here


NOTE 3: SolaRVector devioes have either a silver or a black actuator. Both have the same performance specs, but there are polarity differences between them. Use the installation manual for the color of actuator installed in your device

Installation Manuals

For SolaRVector units with silver actuators
SolaRVector Owner-Installation Manual v1[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [6.1 MB]
For SolaRVector units with black actuators
SolaRVector Owner-Installation Manual v1[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [6.1 MB]

RM800 Remote Control Programming Instructions

SolaRVector RM800 remote control module programming instructions
RM 800 Instructions.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [59.9 KB]
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