Thank you for the incredible response at the 2019 Quartzsite RV show! We far exceeded our goals, and apologize for not having enough devices on hand. We simply didn't anticipate the demand adequately. We are working hard to to fullfill your orders, and we'll be in touch soon to start shipping them. To all of those who contacted us before the show, thank you for your patience, we'll be in touch soon!


SolaRVector is the newest and easiest way to tilt your RV solar panels. No more climbing up and down a ladder to get onto your RV's roof, only to drop something, or realize that you've forgotten something. No more trips to the roof when strong winds kick up, and let's not forget about the risk of falling from your RV's roof. It could end your camping trip - or worse


Now you can raise and lower your solar panels, and lock them down for travel, from the comfort of your campsite, or even your bed - with just the push of a button!

Designed and built in America by RVers, for RVers

Get the most out of your solar panels

Tilt up to six solar panels with the push of a button

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